President of the Conference

Refaat Mahfouz, M.D

Dear colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the first group psychotherapy and group processes conference in Egypt and the Arab world: Group Psychotherapy & Group Processes: Hope in Critical Times. On behalf of the board and members of the Egyptian Association for Group Therapies and Processes (EAGT) and myself, I welcome your participation in this English - Arabic speaking event with the hope that together we will find the way to a better tomorrow. The conference is conducted in collaboration with many distinguished colleagues from the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes (IAGP) and with the active participation of some of the most distinguished international figures in the field. In the heart of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, you are invited to attend as presenters on group psychotherapy or processes or as professionals seeking a high standard group psychotherapy learning experience. Psychiatry professionals, psychologists, social workers, nurses and other professionals working with groups in different settings or who are interested in learning how group processes affect the well-being of individuals, groups and organizations are all welcome to attend. What you will find special about this conference is that all attendees will share as active participants in experiential groups. We hope your sharing will be enriching.

EAGT President & Conference VP

Mona Rakhawy, M.D

Recently, citizens of the Arab world, particularly us Egyptians, experienced a whole set of entangled feelings ranging between enthusiasm, hope, frustration, grief and indifference. We saw how individuals need each other to feel safer and secure in tough times. This is one of the areas where groups can play a significant healing role. By understanding ourselves through a group process experience, we have a better chance of improving the quality of our lives and our interactions as individuals and organizations, and to overcome difficulties in a constructive way. The recent scientific research in the field of group psychotherapy and group process provides strong evidences of their effectiveness on the biological, psychological and social levels. Based on these evidences, EAGT aims at reinforcing the practice of group psychotherapy, broadening the scope and activities of group processes beyond the therapeutic domain and sharing the knowledge and experience created in the field of psychotherapy to help and support other domains such as families, civil society organizations and businesses. The path forward could be long with many steps to take but we believe that sincerity and dedication will certainly bring success. So, let’s obtain more training. Let's be more scientific and more structured in our approaches. And let’s form groups and work together for our countries development, with our hopes set on a brighter future.